Beryl lace square – Tunisian Blanket CAL 2022

Make a lacy square using this pattern for the fifth square in the Tunisian Blanket CAL 2022 hosted by Arunima Goel of

About the Tunisian Blanket CAL 2022

This is a crochet along event (CAL) organized by Arunima Goel of and happening throughout the year 2022.

KnitterKnotter Tunisian Blanket CAL 2022 - Square

Read more about the Tunisian Blanket CAL going on throughout the year 2022 and check out the patterns that have already been published.

There are 24 patterns for 24 unique Tunisian crochet blanket squares by different designers.

Last year there was another collaborative CAL where you could get a new pattern every two weeks, also organized by Arunima.

Most of the participants in this year’s CAL did not participate last year (I’m one of the exceptions and very proud about it). Check out last year’s CAL here if you want to explore some interesting patterns.

KnitterKnotter Tunisian Blanket CAL 2022 - Designers
Here’s the list with all the designers participating in the Tunisian Blanket CAL 2022

Here’s what Arunima’s interpretation of this pattern looks like in her chosen yarns for this big project (you can see the skeins in the photo above).

Tunisian Blanket CAL 2022 by Knitter Knotter - Square #5
This is the square made by Arunima of KnitterKnotter. You can just see how squishy the bobbles are in the middle of each diamond

Pattern bundle for the Tunisian Blanket CAL 2022

If you want a PDF version for each of the squares that will be part of this year’s CAL, you can buy a discounted bundle with all the patterns.

Every two weeks, you get the new pattern as a PDF in your inbox. Some of the patterns are also available separately as paid PDFs (with some bonuses, at least in my case), but if you get the bundle you’ll be able to pay only 19.99 USD (plus tax, where applicable) for 24 PDF patterns.

If that’s something you’d like, click here or on the graphic below to buy the bundle and get access to all the PDFs of the block patterns published so far in the event, then a new pattern every two weeks.

If you buy the bundle from the link below, I will make a commission, as the link is an affiliate link.

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Click on the image above to get the pattern bundle with PDF versions of all the patterns as they come out throughout the year

If you already bought the bundle from my link, I thank you and invite you to use the PDF version, as it includes a chart, as well as instructions for making a baby blanket from the same stitch pattern.

About the 5th block in the Tunisian Blanket CAL 2022

This is an intermediate to advanced level Tunisian crochet pattern that features lace diamonds and popcorn stitches that create texture and interest in the fabric.

The pattern can be used successfully to make baby or toddler blankets (used for play, not swaddling), by increasing the number of pattern repeats and the number of rows.

Try it in different yarn weights, such as lace-weight, with the same hook size, to create and incredibly light winter shawl or wrap. The possibilities are truly endless!

Beryl lace square #5 Tunisian Blanket CAL 2022
My sample, measuring 30 by 30 cm, made in DK weight acrylic yarn, showing off the eyelets

If you are unfamiliar with working lace in Tunisian crochet, scroll on by and follow along with the video in which I show you everything you need to know to make this square.

Pattern details

Skill level

Experienced beginner or intermediate, due to increases, decreases and popcorn stitches.


  • This pattern includes instructions for a blanket square and a baby blanket.
  • For the first row, pick up loops in the back bumps of the chains to make the Tss.
  • When working yarn-overs, do not skip stitches, unless specified in the pattern.
  • If the first two rows come out too large, remove some stitches at the beginning and end of the rows, which are not part of the repeat pattern (before and after the popcorn stitches).
  • If you want to add colorwork, work each column of diamonds in a different color, both on the forward and the return pass. Twist the yarns at each color change to lock them in place.
  • In the (round brackets) you have the number of loops on the hook for each row.
  • When working in eyelets, you can insert the hook through the eyelet to pick up a loop, or in the top of the eyelet. You choose, but be consistent. Stick to one method.


The finished square should measure 30 by 30 cm or 12 by 12 inches after blocking.

If you want to, you can remove or add a couple of stitches at the beginning and end of each row to change the width of the piece, then add or remove rows for height.

The baby blanket will measure about 102 by 102 cm or 40 by 40 inches after blocking.

Gauge swatch

Make a swatch to ensure that the square will come out the proper size. The swatch consists of 6 rows of 8Tss (including the last stitch). The resulting rectangle should be 5 cm by 5 cm or about 2 by 2 inches.


  • Yarn: DK or size 3 weight yarn at approximately 200-260 meters per 100 grams; about 50-60 grams or 130 meters;
  • Hook 8 mm hook or hook that gets you gauge – straight Tunisian crochet hook or hook with a cable;
  • Tapestry needle;
  • Scissors.


  • Ch – chain;
  • FpTDs – front post Tunisian double stitch – YO, insert the hook behind the 2 vertical bars at the top of the stitch below, pick up a loop, YO and pull through 2 loops on the hook;
  • Ls – last stitch – put hook through the 2 vertical loops at the end of the row, YO and pull up a loop;
  • Pop – Tunisian popcorn stitch – work 4 extended simple stitches or 4 double stitches in the same stitch; YO and pull through 4 loops on the hook;
  • R – regular Tunisian return: Ch1, repeat [YO and pull through 2 loops] until 1 loop is left on the hook;
  • Sk – skip a stitch;
  • Sl St – slip stitch;
  • Tss – Tunisian simple stitch – insert hook from right to left behind the next vertical bar, YO and pull up a loop;
  • Tss2Tog – decrease over 2 stitches – insert the hook behind the front vertical bars of the next 2 stitches and pull up a loop;
  • Tss3Tog – decrease over 3 stitches – insert the hook behind the front vertical bars of the next 3 stitches and pull up a loop;
  • YO – yarn-over.
A close-up of bobbles, decreases and increases in this lacy Tunisian crochet pattern


R1. Ch39, 38 Tss, Ls, R

R2. FpTDs, Tss2Tog, YO, repeat [6Tss, Tss2Tog, YO] 4 times, 2Tss, FpTDs, Ls, R (40)

R3. FpTDs, 2Tss, repeat [YO, Tss2Tog, 3Tss, Tss2Tog, YO, 1Tss] 4 times, 2Tss, FpTDs, Ls, R (40)

R4. FpTDs, 2Tss, repeat [1Tss, YO, Tss2Tog, 1Tss, Tss2Tog, YO, 2Tss] 4 times, 2Tss, FpTDs, Ls, R (40)

R5. FpTDs, 2Tss, repeat [2Tss, YO, Tss3Tog, YO, 3Tss] 4 times, 2Tss, FpTDs, Ls, R (40)

R6. FpTDs, 1Tss, Pop, repeat [3Tss, YO, Sk1, 3Tss, Pop] 4 times, 2Tss, FpTDs, Ls, R (40)

R7. FpTDs, 2Tss, repeat [1Tss, Tss2Tog, YO, 1Tss, YO, Tss2Tog, 2Tss] 4 times, 2Tss, FpTDs, Ls, R (40)

R8. FpTDs, 2Tss, repeat [Tss2Tog, YO, 3Tss, YO, Tss2Tog, 1Tss] 4 times, 2Tss, FpTDs, Ls, R (40)

R9. FpTDs, 1Tss, Tss2Tog, repeat [YO, 5Tss, YO, Tss3Tog] 3 times, YO, 5Tss, YO, Tss2Tog, 2Tss, FpTDs, Ls, R (40)

R10. FpTDs, Tss2Tog, YO, repeat [3Tss, Pop, 3Tss, YO, Sk1] 4 times, 2Tss, FpTDs, Ls, R (40)

Repeat rows 3-10 3 more times, then repeat rows 3-5.

Bind off with slip stitches in the top of each stitch. Cut the yarn, leaving a tail. Weave in the ends and block the fabric into a square shape of approximately 12” by 12” or 30 cm by 30 cm.

If you want to make the baby blanket as well, the instructions are available in the PDF version of this pattern.

Other sources below:


Because some people are having trouble following along with the written instructions, I prepared a chart and updated the PDF file as well with the full chart (in the PDF you walso have a chart for the pattern repeats ad a baby blanket).

The chart below has a watermark, but it should print fine if you want to print it. The chart includes a symbol legend, the bind off row, numbers for all the stitches, but doesn’t include the first stitch, nor the return pass, which is a regular return pass.

If you want to pin this image, please pin it to this page. All rights are reserved for this Tunisian crochet chart and you may not reproduce it. It is for personal use only.

Beryl lace square Tunisian crochet symbol chart
Full chart for the square.

I’ve also made a colored chart to show how I imagined changing colors in this pattern, but of course there are many other ways in which you can add color changes to this pattern.

Beryl lace square color changes 05
Color change chart.

Video tutorials

If you are not familiar with some of the stitches or are wondering where to insert the hook for some of the stitches, follow one of the videos below to make along with me two pattern repeats, plus the edge stitches.

You can start with the number of chains needed for the square or make a small sample first.

If you start with the long number of chains, just repeat the first pattern repeat 3 times before you do the last pattern repeat and the last stitches.

Right-handed video

Left-handed video

Final remarks

I hope you enjoyed this pattern and that you will get the PDF to support me in making more patterns.

Here are some more free patterns on the blog from the Tunisian crochet category. Or you could explore all the free crochet patterns on the blog if you’re into discovering something new.

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Take care and I’ll see you soon in your inbox.



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