pumpkins tutorial 43 scaled

Pumpkin buddies – new Tunisian crochet pattern

Are you ready for autumn? I sure am now, surrounded as I am with lots of pumpkins. The funny thing is that I never felt the need for home décor items until this year. Probably because I’ve been moving from one place to the next during most of my adult life, ever since starting university.… Continue Reading…

washcloths 27 scaled

Beautiful crochet washcloths – 4 free patterns, US terms

Prepare some beautiful and useful gifts for your loved ones. Make beautiful crochet washcloths, right on the aesthetic of the recipient’s kitchen or bathroom.

DIY gradient yarn showing one cake on top of another cake and washcloths made with similar gradient yarn

DIY gradient yarn with batik dyes

Learn to dye yarns in a gradient, using batik dyes. Perfect project to make with kids.

sun coaster 1

Little sun coaster – Tunisian crochet pattern

How much do you like Tunisian crochet on a scale from 1 to 2? Did you say 10? Me too! Which is why I’ve been turning this idea of mine from the beginning of summer into countless things. Today I launch the second pattern in the series that should culminate in a sweater pattern (if… Continue Reading…

Crochet Kindle case – free pattern

This original design appeared on gradinacufluturi.ro, on Dec. 3rd 2016. The current version has been thoroughly updated on September 6th 2020. Updated photos pending. If you’re an avid reader, you probably own an e-reader. And since you value your books so much, you want to keep it safe, just like I did when I came… Continue Reading…

tunisian simple shawl 3

Phyllite – a new shawl pattern in Tunisian crochet

I’ve told you before that I love buying yarn as a souvenir and the yarn for this wonderful project is no exception.  I needed something simple to let the yarn shine and tell its own story and I also wanted to create an easy introductory pattern for Tunisian crochet shawls. I have a few shawls… Continue Reading…

tunisian face scrubby 29

Tunisian crochet face scrubbies – pattern for beginners

Make these beautiful crochet face scrubbies using a very simple technique – Tunisian crochet in the round. The pattern includes step by step instructions, photos and a video tutorial.

crocodile leaf pattern 4 scaled

Squaring an 8-row Dc circle

If, like me, you’re in love with the Neverending Wildflower pattern and want to make a blanket with these flowers, but want to make it bigger than in the original pattern (say 8 rows of petals, like in my blanket), then you’ll need a way to square off that pretty circle, to get blanket squares. … Continue Reading…

DSC0222 scaled

Gooseberry marmalade shawl – now with video

I’m slowly going through the list of my most popular patterns and making videos for them. I’m also working on new patterns, but I would still like to have these done and available to all. Today it is the Gooseberry marmalade shawl. This video took me several months to finish up. For some reason, it… Continue Reading…

black sun 2 scaled

Creating a little sun

The symbolism behind the sun and black hole design