Blueberry Popsicle Shawl – free crochet pattern with video

This article includes the first pattern repetition for making the elegant Blueberry Popsicle shawl, links to the video and affiliate links for yarn and other items. For full row instructions and chart, please buy the PDF version.

Do you need a project to work on during long trips or while being out and about, needing to keep your hands busy?

How about trying the Blueberry Popsicle crescent shawl pattern? It’s free and great for beginners to learn a new shape, but also challenging enough that you won’t get bored working on it (I’m pretty familiar with crochet-related boredom).

Until midnight April 8th EST, this pattern is also available in the Yarn Lovers Treasure Vault event hosted by Hortense of Knitting with Chopsticks. Click on the button on the right to check out the event and get access to the PDFs.

Extended shawl hanging on two branches

This pattern is perfect for traveling or crochet-in-public, as it only involves a little concentration, so you can keep your hands busy while keeping up with conversation. There’s no counting involved, you only decrease on one side and increase on the other, always on the same sides.

Use any yarn in your stash to make this gorgeous shawl that will drape around you like a breeze.

Draped shawl hanging on two branches

Find three coordinating colors in lengths of around 300 meters each (or less if you use heavier yarn) and watch the colors complement each other in this simple, yet entertaining pattern. Or choose a long gradient yarn and watch the colors flow.

Use a light and airy cotton/acrylic blend for a spring/summer wrap or a fluffy mohair/alpaca yarn for an autumn/winter wrap that will keep you warm and comfy.

Pick a hook that goes with your yarn (I used a 3 mm hook for small and even stitches) and start crocheting!

Draped shawl with white mountains in the background
I took my shawl with me up in the Alps and this is the only photo I was able to take at 2200 meters high. It was too hot for shawls!

When you’re done, don’t forget to block your shawl to allow the fabric to relax, drape and swirl.

Technical details of the Blueberry Popsicle shawl pattern

The patterns comes with written instructions and a handy chart, so you can use either one or both. There is an easy 12 row repeat that you will memorize really quickly, so you can take your project anywhere with you.

Skill level: beginner/intermediate

US terms

If you buy this pattern, you get two files, one with the full instructions in UK terms and one in US terms.


A square consisting of 6 rows with 10 Dc should measure 5 cm by 5 cm.


• Yarn: in sample Wooly Hugs Bobbel Cotton, 1 skein = 800 m or 875 yards/200 g (or other any other yarn similar in weight, with long color gradients, for example  Scheepjes Whirl, at 1000 meters per 225 grams);

• Hook: 3 mm or 3.5 mm hook;

Tapestry needle and scissors.


  • To make the long side of the shawl drape better, instead of the Ch3 or Dc on the long side, add one more chain (so Ch4) or make an extended Dc
  • Ch3 (or Ch4) at the beginning of even rows counts as Dc
  • Make one Dc in each stitch, skipping all the Ch2 spaces, unless otherwise stated
  • Stitches in square brackets [] are all worked in one stitch
  • Numbers in round brackets (x) show the number of stitches per row after finishing the row
  • You only work in Dc of previous row, never in Ch spaces, unless otherwise specified in pattern or the special instructions included between asterisks **

Stitch abbreviations (in alphabetical order)

  • Ch – chain
  • Dc – double crochet
  • Dc2Tog – decrease one stitch: Yo, insert hook in first St pull up a loop, pull through 2 loops on the hook, Yo, insert hook into second St, pull up a loop, pull through 2 loops on the hook, pull through 3 loops on the hook
  • EDc – optional – extended double crochet – YO, pull up a loop, pull through one loop on hook, finish Dc as usual
  • MR – magic ring
  • Sk – skip stitch
  • St – stitch
  • Yo – yarn-over


The finished shawl should measure around 160-170 cm in length and 50-60 cm width.

Blueberry Popsicle crescent shawl free crochet pattern

Instructions for the Blueberry Popsicle shawl

Begin with a loop for the magic ring.

R1. Ch3, 3Dc in MR, turn (4)

R2. [Ch3, Ch2, Dc] in first St, Dc2Tog, turn (5)

R3. Ch2, Dc in next St, Ch2, 4Dc in last St *top of Ch3*, turn (7)

R4. [Ch3, 3Dc] in first St, 3 Dc, Ch1, Dc2Tog *one leg in Ch2 space and one leg in top of last Dc on previous row*, turn (9)

R5. Ch2, Dc in next Ch space, Dc to last St, 4Dc in last St *top of Ch3*,(11)

R6. [Ch3, Ch2, Dc] in first St, 8Dc, Dc2Tog, turn (13)

R7. Ch2, Dc in next St, 8Dc, Ch2, 4Dc in last St *3rd Ch of Ch5 from previous row*, turn (15)

R8. [Ch3, 3Dc] in first St, 3Dc, Ch2, 7Dc, Dc2Tog, turn (17)

R9. Ch2, Dc in next St, 6Dc, Ch2, 6Dc, 4Dc in last St *top of Ch3*, turn (19)

R10. [Ch3, Ch2, Dc] in first St, 9Dc, Ch2, 5Dc, Dc2Tog, turn (21)

R11. Ch2, Dc in next St, 4Dc, Ch2, 10Dc, Ch2, 4Dc in last St *3rd Ch of Ch5 from previous row*, turn (23)

R12. [Ch3, 3Dc] in first St, 3Dc, Ch2, 10Dc, Ch2, 3Dc, Dc2Tog, turn (25)

R13. Ch2, Dc in next St, 2Dc, Ch2, 10Dc, Ch2, 6Dc, 4Dc in last St *top of Ch3*, turn (27)

R14. [Ch3, Ch2, Dc] in first St, 9Dc, Ch2, 10Dc, Ch2, Dc, Dc2Tog, turn (29)

R15. Ch2, Dc in next St, Ch2, [10Dc, Ch2] 2 times, 4Dc in last St *3rd Ch of Ch5 from previous row*, turn (31)

R16. [Ch3, 3Dc] in first St, 3Dc, [Ch2, 10Dc] 2 times, Ch1, Dc2Tog *one leg in Ch2 space and one leg in top of last Dc on previous row*, turn (33)

R17. Ch2, Dc in next Ch space, [10Dc, Ch2] 2 times, 6Dc, 4Dc in last St *top of Ch3*, turn (35)

Continue working the 12-row repeat (rows 6-17), only varying the number of the [Ch2, 10Dc] block repeats. You will be increasing 2 St per row: 3 increased St on the long side and 1 decreased St on the short side.

For stitch placement, consult the chart in the PDF pattern.

Work until the shawl is big enough (take into account that it may grow a bit after washing/blocking). Bind off and weave in ends. Wash and block the shawl into a shape similar to the one below. The finished shawl should curl slightly at the ends and should have a lot of drape.

Do not block it into a triangle, as that is not the shape of this design.

Video tutorials for the Blueberry Popsicle shawl

Follow along as I demonstrate the first 17 rows of the Blueberry Popsicle shawl. When you are done, you should be able to continue on your own.

For left handed crocheters, I’ve created a separate video.

Final remarks

When you’re done with the shawl, don’t forget to add your project to Ravelry and connect it to the pattern page here.

If you use Instagram, tag me @yarnandy and use #Blueberrypopsicleshawl so I can see what you make and share it in my stories, so others get inspired by your color choices.

If you need the full instructions, you can get a PDF copy of this pattern. You also get a chart and a UK version.

If you prefer other platforms, the pattern is available in various places:


If you want to try out other free patterns, check them out below. And don’t forget to sign up to my email updates, as I’ll let you know when the latest pattern drops!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this pattern and I’m looking forward to seeing your beautiful project.



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