Body measurements used for garment grading

This page includes the most up to date body measurements that I (Andrea Crețu of Yarnandy) use to grade garment patterns. Earlier versions can be found in my garment patterns.

If you want to help improve the quality of this data, you can contribute with your body measurements here.

See this article about how I got to the values in these tables.

You may use these numbers for your own designs, but you may not copy and paste these tables on your website and claim as your own.

Body measurements in cm

First is a table with measurements in centimeters.

Measurement (cm)/Size123456789101112
A. Neck circumference303234363738394142434445
A2. Neckline*525354.555.5575859.560.561.5636466.5
B. Armscye circumference353740434650505357606467
C. Bicep circumference2628.53133.53638.54143.54648.55156
D. Elbow circumference**202123242627283031333437
E. Wrist circumference13.5141414.5151515.5161616.51717.5
F. Shoulder circumference96100105109113118122126131135139148
G. Shoulder length121212131212121414141515
H. Shoulder width353638394041434445464850
I. Arm length505152545555555556565656
J. Upper bust circumference848688929496100102104106108112
K. Bust circumference788695103111120128137145153162170
L. Under bust circumference***68768593101110118127135143152160
M. Waist circumference6068768593101109117125134142150
N. High hip circumference718191102112122132142152163173183
O. Full hip circumference8493103112122131141150160169179188
P. Back length to waist414141424343444546485153
Q. Back length to high hip454748505252545758606365
R. Back length to full hip626365666769707273747677
Waist to hips467899101212121212
Yoke depth171819212122222223242526
* see discussion above about neck circumference vs. neckline
** calculated as the average between bicep and wrist
*** calculated as difference of 10 cm from full bust

Body measurements in inches

Here’s the same table, but with inches.

Measurement (“)/Size123456789101112
A. Neck circumference1212.7513.514.514.7515.2515.516.516.7517.2517.518
A2. Neckline*20.7521.2521.7522.2522.7523.2523.7524.2524.525.2525.526.5
B. Armscye circumference1414.751617.2518.5202021.2522.752425.526.75
C. Bicep circumference10.511.512.513.514.515.516.517.518.519.520.522.5
D. Elbow circumference**
E. Wrist circumference5.
F. Shoulder circumference38.5404243.545.2547.2548.7550.552.55455.559.25
G. Shoulder length4.754.754.755.254.754.754.755.55.55.566
H. Shoulder width1414.515.2515.51616.517.2517.51818.519.2520
I. Arm length2020.520.7521.52222222222.522.522.522.5
J. Upper bust circumference33.534.535.2536.7537.538.54040.7541.542.543.2544.75
K. Bust circumference31.2534.53841.2544.54851.2554.755861.2564.7568
L. Under bust circumference***27.2530.53437.2540.54447.2550.755457.2560.7564
M. Waist circumference2427.2530.53437.2540.543.546.755053.556.7560
N. High hip circumference28.532.536.540.7544.7548.7552.7556.7560.7565.2569.2573.25
O. Full hip circumference33.537.2541.2544.7548.7552.556.5606467.571.575.25
P. Back length to waist16.516.516.516.7517.2517.2517.51818.519.2520.521.25
Q. Back length to high hip1818.7519.252020.7520.7521.522.7523.252425.2526
R. Back length to full hip24.7525.252626.526.7527.52828.7529.2529.530.530.75
Waist to hips1.52.52.753.253.53.544.754.754.754.754.75
Yoke depth6.757.
* see discussion above about neck circumference vs. neckline
** calculated as the average between bicep and wrist
*** calculated as difference of 10 cm from full bust

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