asparagus stitch 4 scaled

Tunisian crochet blanket square – Asparagus stitch

Make a pretty square for your Tunisian Sampler Blanket using the new Asparagus stitch.

washcloths 27 scaled

Beautiful crochet washcloths – 4 patterns, US terms

Prepare some beautiful and useful gifts for your loved ones. Make beautiful crochet washcloths, right on the aesthetic of the recipient’s kitchen or bathroom.

crocodile leaf pattern 4 scaled

Squaring an 8-row Dc circle

If, like me, you’re in love with the Neverending Wildflower pattern and want to make a blanket with these flowers, but want to make it bigger than in the original pattern (say 8 rows of petals, like in my blanket), then you’ll need a way to square off that pretty circle, to get blanket squares. … Continue Reading…

crocodile leaf pattern 17 scaled

Crocodile stitch leaf and heart – free crochet pattern

Crocodile stitch leaf tutorial and free crochet pattern. Make a textured leaf for your blanket using this free crochet pattern.