Raspberry croissant shawl – free crochet pattern with video

raspberry croissant shawl featured image

This article includes the first pattern repetition for making the beloved Raspberry croissant shawl, links to the video (left-handed version coming soon) and affiliate links for yarn and other items. For full row instructions and chart, please buy the PDF version. After a lot of deliberation, I decided that it was best for this pattern … Read more

Quick free pattern – a border for curling Tunisian crochet projects

How to add a border to remove curling Tunisian crochet

In this quick pattern, I’ll show you how to make a border for curling Tunisian crochet projects that you can’t flatten in other ways. There will be two ways to turn the corner, so choose your favorite. If you have Tunisian crochet projects that curl and you haven’t already taken the steps to prevent curling … Read more

Limonite – a new Tunisian crochet shawl pattern

limonite 20 scaled

Make your next favorite shawl using this textured Tunisian crochet shawl pattern. You have full video instructions, both right-handed and left-handed. To get written instructions and all the other parts of the pattern, please buy a PDF copy of this pattern. This article includes affiliate links to some recommended yarns. They may make me a … Read more