Mint truffle shawl – free crochet pattern

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About the Mint truffle shawl

Enjoy the fun colors of a cake of gradient yarn to make a beautifully textured rounded triangle shawl with pretty popcorns that stand out and provide sensory input when you wear it.

The shawl has a wide, rounded triangle shape, which helps it to stay put on your shoulders.

Use this easy pattern as a tool to help you meditate and get into the flow while crocheting or use it as a prayer project, if that is what you prefer.

Mint truffle shawl 1

Technical details of the Mint truffle shawl pattern

Skill level: enthusiastic beginner with knowledge of popcorn stitches and extended stitches

This shawl is worked from the top down, in rows going back and forth, forming a rounded triangle shape.

The fabric is created on the bias, which gives it wonderful drape and swirling ends.

Skill level: beginner/intermediate

US terms

If you buy this pattern, you get two files, one with the full instructions in UK terms and one in US terms.


  • Hobbii Twirls, 1 cake = 800 m or 875 yards/200 g (or other any other yarn similar in weight, with long color gradients, for example Scheepjes Whirl, at 1000 meters per 225 grams);
  • Hook: 3 mm or 3.5 mm hook;
  • Tapestry needle and scissors.


A square consisting of 10 rows with 20 EDc should measure 10 cm by 10 cm when using the 3 mm hook.

Stitch abbreviations (in alphabetical order)

  • Ch – chain;
  • EDc – extended double crochet – YO, pull up a loop, YO, pull through one loop on hook, repeat {YO and pull through 2 loops on hook} 2 times;
  • MR – magic ring;
  • Pop – 5 treble popcorn: Ch4, 5EDc in same St, drop the loop, insert hook through top Ch from the initial Ch4, pull the dropped loop through (can be replaced with 5 treble cluster in the body of the shawl);
  • Sk – skip stitch;
  • St – stitch;
  • Tr – treble crochet – YO, pull up a loop, repeat {YO and pull through 2 loops on hook} 3 times;
  • YO – yarn-over.


  • To make the long side of the shawl drape better, instead of the Ch4 or EDc at the beginning and end of each row, add one more chain (so Ch5) or make a Treble (Tr).
  • Ch4 (or Ch5) at the beginning of even rows counts as Tr.
  • Stitches in square brackets […] should be repeated the number of times appearing after the brackets.
  • Stitches in curly brackets {…} are all worked in one stitch.
  • Numbers in round brackets (x) show the number of stitches per row after finishing the row.
  • The shape of the actual shawl will not resemble that of the chart, it will be a rounded triangle, like in the diagram below – the stitches are much wider in reality than shown in the chart.
  • Prepare three tassels before starting the shawl, using the color that you will end with – if you are starting from the middle, then make the tassels from the outside and vice-versa.
  • If you are more comfortable with using charts, you will find the first 14 rows in the chart on the next page.


The finished shawl should measure around 160-170 cm in length and 50-60 cm width.

mint truffle shawl shape gradient graphic with measurements


The two videos show you how to begin the shawl, how to make the first pattern repeat and how to make the popcorn edging of the Mint truffle shawl, that you can see in the sample with a single color.

thumbnail right

Left-handed video below.

thumbnail left

Mint truffle shawl instructions

Main body of the shawl

Start with a magic ring and work back and forth. The crescent should grow symmetrically. The pattern grows in a repeat of 4 rows (rows 2-5).

If you want to add tassels, make three of them now from the color you will have on the edges of the shawl.

R1. {Ch4, 4EDc, Ch1, 5EDc} in MR, turn (11)

R2. {Ch4, 4EDc} in first St, repeat [Ch1, Sk1, 1EDc] 2 times, {Ch1, 1EDc, Ch1, 1EDc, Ch1} in next Ch1 Sp, repeat [1EDc, Ch1, Sk1] 2 times, {5EDc} in last St, turn (23)

R3. {Ch4, 4EDc} in first St, 10EDc, {2EDc, Ch1, 2EDc} in next Ch1 Sp, 10EDc, {5EDc} in last St, turn (35)

R4. {Ch4, 4EDc} in first St, 1EDc, Pop, repeat [2EDc, Ch1, Sk1, 2EDc, Pop] 2 times, 2EDc, {2EDc, Ch1, 2EDc} in next Ch1 Sp, 2EDc, repeat [Pop, 2EDc, Ch1, Sk1, 2EDc] 2 times, Pop, 1EDc, {5EDc} in last St, turn (47)

R5. {Ch4, 4EDc} in first St,22EDc, {2EDc, Ch1, 2EDc} in next Ch1 Sp, 22EDc, {5EDc} in last St, turn (59)

The pattern repeat consists of rows 2-5.

Continue working this repeat until you reach row 40, have about 5% left of your yarn yarn, or reach a size big enough for you.

This will depend entirely on the yarn, the hook size, your tension, and your wishes.

If you need more help and detailed instructions, please get the PDF version now.

When you are satisfied with the size of your shawl, add the popcorn edge or bind off the yarn, cut it and weave it in using the tapestry needle.

Mint truffle shawl being worn and gathered in front

Popcorn edge

If you want to add popcorn stitches to the edge, stop at the beginning of a repeat of row 2 and work standing popcorn stitches on every 12th stitch, starting from the first stitch, like this:

Ch4, Ch4, Pop in top of first Ch4, Sl St around the base of the Pop, repeat [repeat [Ch1, EDc] 6 times, Ch4, Pop in top of last Edc, Sl St around the base of the Pop] until reaching the middle Ch1 Sp, Ch4, Pop in Ch1 Sp, repeat [repeat [Ch1, EDc] 6 times, Ch4, Pop in top of last Edc, Sl St around the base of the Pop] until the end of the row.

Bind off, cut the yarn and weave in the end.

Wash the shawl and block it into a crescent or rounded triangle shape if necessary, then wear proudly or gift it to someone special.

I hope you enjoyed this free pattern and that you will make many beautiful and comfortable shawls using it.

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Thank you so much for being here with me!

I’ll see you soon with more crochet and Tunisian crochet patterns.



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