Kizilkaya shawl – crochet pattern

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There is a video tutorial for the first three pattern repeats available here.

Make this simple, but elegant shawl, using whatever yarn you want from your stash.

The size will depend on the yarn you select and how many rows you make.

You can use any yarn in your stash. You will need approximately 800-1000 meters of gradient cake yarn (100% cotton or 50% cotton and 50% polyamide are the most common) or any yarn you have available, preferably in long gradients or in a single color.

Use the hook recommended for your yarn (usually found on the label).

The gauge for this shawl is not essential, although it is important that you keep even tension throughout the project.

This shawl is easy to make, using just basic stitches and a simple lacy pattern. If you have any doubts, follow along with the video tutorial, then continue by following along with the written instructions.


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