Raspberry croissant shawl – free crochet pattern with video

This article includes the first pattern repetition for making the beloved Raspberry croissant shawl, links to the video (left-handed version coming soon) and affiliate links for yarn and other items. For full row instructions and chart, please buy the PDF version.

Raspberry croissant shawl on a hanger showing the back view or the spine of the shawl
The original Raspberry croissant shawl on a hanger

After a lot of deliberation, I decided that it was best for this pattern to live free forever on the blog, where anyone with an internet connection and with zero technical knowledge can follow along.

I’ve also decided to prepare the left-handed version of the video for this pattern, even if it’s not the best video I’ve ever made (it was my first pattern video, please forgive the technical issues), so that left-handed makers also have a chance to follow along with a video.

About the Raspberry croissant shawl

This was one of my first patterns and it was spectacularly well-received (in my opinion, at least), with lots of love and lots of projects.

There are several hundred Raspberry croissant shawls out there right now and the knowledge of that fills me with happiness. Lots of people also left great reviews on Ravelry after using the pattern, as you can see from the screenshot below.

You can check out the various projects that people made based on this pattern by visiting the pattern page on Ravelry here (please beware that it might not look like the screenshot below and might give you migraines if you are sensitive to the new design, so only visit if you know you have no issues with the website).

raspberry reviews

What did so many people love about this pattern?

Maybe it’s the yarn choice, which shows off this pattern beautifully.

It was truly random for me, as it was my first gradient cake and I’m glad that it was such a nice colorway.

Maybe it’s the curved shape of the shawl, with the beautiful drape around your shoulders and the swirls that form naturally at the corners.

Maybe it was the geometric, repetitive disposition of the eyelets, that create elegant lines, which draw the eye and allow it to wander and explore.

raspberry croissant 22

Technical details of the Raspberry croissant shawl pattern

This shawl is worked from the top down, in rows going back and forth, forming a rounded triangle shape.

The fabric is built on the bias, which means that is has beautiful drape, without the need for blocking.

Skill level: beginner/intermediate

US terms

If you buy this pattern, you get two files, one with the full instructions in UK terms and one in US terms.


• Yarn: in sample Wooly Hugs Bobbel Cotton, 1 skein = 800 m or 875 yards/200 g (or other any other yarn similar in weight, with long color gradients, for example  Scheepjes Whirl, at 1000 meters per 225 grams);

• Hook: 3 mm or 3.5 mm hook;

Tapestry needle and scissors.


A square consisting of 6 rows with 10 Dc should measure 5 cm by 5 cm.

Stitch abbreviations (in alphabetical order)

  • Ch – chain
  • Dc – double crochet
  • EDc – optional – extended double crochet – YO, pull up a loop, pull through one loop on hook, repeat {YO and pull through 2 loops on hook} twice
  • MR – magic ring
  • Sk – skip stitch
  • St – stitch
  • YO – yarn-over


  • To make the long side of the shawl drape better, instead of the Ch3 or Dc at the beginning and end of each row, add one more chain (so Ch4) or make an extended Dc.
  • Ch3 (or Ch4) at the beginning of even rows counts as Dc.
  • Make one Dc in each stitch unless otherwise stated.
  • Stitches in curly brackets {…} are all worked in one stitch.
  • Stitches in square brackets […] are part of a repeat. The number of the repeats is mentioned after the bracket.
  • Numbers in round brackets (x) show the number of stitches per row after finishing the row.
  • You only work in Dc of previous row, never in Ch spaces.


The finished shawl should measure around 160-170 cm in length and 50-60 cm width.

Raspberry croissant shawl shape 01


Please keep in mind that this was my first pattern video and there was a lot that I learned from it.

It shows you everything you need to know to make the first pattern repeat and where to put each stitch, even if you are a complete beginner.

Left-handed video coming soon!

Raspberry croissant shawl instructions

Start with a magic ring and work back and forth. The crescent should grow symmetrically.

R1. Ch3, 10Dc in MR, turn (11)

R2. {Ch3, Ch2, Dc} in first St, 4Dc, {3Dc} in next St, 4Dc, {Dc, Ch2, Dc} in last St, turn (19)

R3. {Ch3, 3Dc} in first St, Ch2, 6Dc, {3Dc} in next St, 6Dc, Ch2, {4Dc} in last St, turn (27)

R4. {Ch3, 3Dc} in first St, 3Dc, Ch2, 7Dc, {3Dc} in next St, 7Dc, Ch2, 3Dc, {4Dc} in last St, turn (35)

R5. {Ch3, 3Dc} in first St, 6Dc, Ch2, 8Dc, {3Dc} in next St, 8Dc, Ch2, 6Dc, {4Dc} in last St, turn (43)

R6. {Ch3, Ch2, Dc} in first St, 9Dc, Ch2, 9Dc, {3Dc} in next St, 9Dc, Ch2, 9Dc, {Dc, Ch2, Dc} in last St, turn (51)

R7. {Ch3, 3Dc} in first St, repeat [Ch2, 10Dc] 2 times, Ch1, Dc in next St, Ch1, repeat [10Dc, Ch2] 2 times, {4Dc} in 3rd Ch of Ch5 from previous row, turn (59)

R8. {Ch3, 3Dc} in first St, 3Dc, repeat [Ch2, 10Dc] 2 times, Ch2, Dc in next St, Ch2, repeat [10Dc, Ch2] 2 times, 3Dc, {4Dc} in last St, turn (67)

R9. {Ch3, 3Dc}in first St, 6Dc, repeat [Ch2, 10Dc] 2 times, Ch2, {3Dc} in next St, Ch2, repeat [10Dc, Ch2] 2 times, 6Dc, {4Dc} in last St, turn (75)

R10. {Ch3, Ch2, Dc}in first St, 9Dc, repeat [Ch2, 10Dc] 2 times, Ch2, Dc, {3Dc} in next St, Dc, Ch2, repeat [10Dc, Ch2] 2 times, 9Dc, {Dc, Ch2, Dc} in last St, turn (83)

R11. {Ch3, 3Dc}in first St, repeat [Ch2, 10Dc] 3 times, Ch2, 2Dc, {3Dc} in next St, 2Dc, Ch2, repeat [10Dc, Ch2] 3 times, {4Dc} in 3rd Ch of Ch5 from previous row, turn (91)

R12. {Ch3, 3Dc} in first St, 3Dc, repeat [Ch2, 10Dc] 3 times, Ch2, 3Dc, {3Dc} in next St, 3Dc, Ch2, repeat [10Dc, Ch2] 3 times, 3Dc, {4Dc} in last St, turn (99)

R13. {Ch3, 3Dc}in first St, 6Dc, repeat [Ch2, 10Dc] 3 times, Ch2, 4Dc, {3Dc} in next St, 4Dc, Ch2, repeat [10Dc, Ch2] 3 times, 6Dc, {4Dc} in last St, turn (107)

Rows 2-13 represent the first pattern repeat.

Continue working this repeat (by increasing the number of repeats of the [Ch2, 10Dc] sections) until you reach row 60, run out of yarn, or reach a size big enough for you.

This will depend entirely on the yarn, the hook size, your tension, and your wishes.

When you are satisfied with the size of your shawl, bind off the yarn, cut it, and weave it in using the tapestry needle.

If you need more help and detailed instructions for up to row 62, you can buy the PDF version of the pattern and pay what you want by using the coupon codes in the description.

Wash the shawl and block it into a crescent shape if necessary, then wear proudly or gift it to someone special.

Raspberry croissant shawl worn
The Raspberry croissant shawl being worn

I hope you enjoyed this free pattern.

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See you soon with more awesome patterns.

Take care!


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