Simple and purl stitches in eyelets in Tunisian crochet

In this tutorial, you will learn how to work Tunisian simple stitches (Tss) and Tunisian purl stitches (Tps) in eyelets (YO spaces). You will use this knowledge for making the Macaw wings shawl TCAL and other patterns.


Why do we call these stitches Tss and Tps?

In Tunisian crochet you name stitches based on the manner in which you insert the hook through a space and pick up a loop.

Usually Tunisian simple stitches (Tss) are worked by inserting the hook behind the vertical bar of the stitch below and picking up a loop.

Tunisian full stitch (Tfs – also known as Gobelin stitch) is worked in spaces between stitches by inserting the hook in the space between two stitches and picking up a loop.

Tunisian purl stitches (Tps) are worked by bringing the yarn to the front (or yarn under), inserting the hook behind the vertical bar of the stitch below and picking up a loop.

At the beginning of my Tunisian crochet design practice, I used Tfs a lot, especially for increases, since these stitches are normally made between stitches.

When designing patterns with eyelets, I debated whether I should call stitches made in eyelets Tfs or not, given how eyelets are not technically stitches (they are open spaces in the fabric, but they do have a chain from return pass), but they also aren’t spaces between stitches, as they are the length of a stitch.

I decided to call these simple stitches worked in eyelets Tss as well, as it makes it easier for the writing and reading of patterns and the drawing and understanding of Tunisian crochet charts.

When you finish the return pass, you can’t distinguish these stitches from their neighboring Tunisian simple stitches.

Which means that other stitches can also be made in eyelets, namely the Tunisian purl stitch. In the two tutorials below, you’ll have instructions for both these stitches made in eyelets.


The following tutorial uses some common Tunisian crochet abbreviations, explained in detail below.

  • Ch – Chain;
  • St(s) – stitch(es);
  • Tps – Tunisian purl stitch: YU, insert the hook under the vertical bar of the next St, YO and pull up a loop;
  • Tss – Tunisian simple stitch: in foundation chain, insert hook into the back bump of the next Ch, YO and pull up a loop; in other rows, insert hook under the vertical bar of the next St, YO and pull up a loop;
  • YO – yarn over;
  • YU – yarn under: bring the yarn under and to the front of the hook.

Tunisian simple stitches in eyelets

In the Macaw wings shawl you will first encounter Tss in eyelets on the second row.

You will have several YO spaces in the foundation row. These are used for increasing.

03 Tss in YO 1 jpg
An eyelet in the foundation row that needs a Tss.

To make Tss in the eyelets, insert the hook through the eyelet.

03 Tss in YO 2 jpg
Insert the hook all the way from the front to the back.

Then YO and draw up a loop, leave it on the hook.

03 Tss in YO 3 jpg
Tss in the eyelet finished.

Continue in pattern, repeating this process every time you encounter an eyelet and need to make a Tunisian simple stitch in it.

If you have trouble seeing the eyelets, you can also use stitch markers to mark them, to make sure you don’t skip them.

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Tunisian purl stitches in eyelets

In the Macaw wings shawl, you will first encounter these stitches on Row 7, where you create the spine of the feather.

Unlike Tss in YO spaces, Tps are worked around the YO only, not the return pass chain.

First you yarn under.

06 Tps in YO 1
YU on the hook.

Then you insert the hook under the front bar of the eyelet, marked above and below with the magenta line.

06 Tps in YO 2
Insert the hook under the YO of the eyelet, keeping the YU on the hook.

YO and pull up a loop to finish the stitch, as if you were making a Tunisian purl stitch.

06 Tps in YO 3

In the end, the stitch should look like a regular Tps, with the horizontal bumps in the front, leaving the eyelet intact underneath.

06 Tps in YO 4

When you finish the return pass, the Tps in the eyelet should look like its neighbors, the regular Tps.

Repeat this as many times as needed when making the rows with Tps in the Macaw wings shawl pattern or other patterns that use these kinds of eyelets and Tps on top of them.

Check out all the information about the Macaw wings shawl TCAL here:

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