Crochet Kindle case – free pattern

This original design appeared on, on Dec. 3rd 2016. The current version has been thoroughly updated on September 6th 2020. Updated photos pending. If you’re an avid reader, you probably own an e-reader. And since you value your books so much, you want to keep it safe, just like I did when I came… Continue Reading…

crocodile leaf pattern 17 scaled

Crocodile stitch leaf and heart – free crochet pattern

Crocodile stitch leaf tutorial and free crochet pattern. Make a textured leaf for your blanket using this free crochet pattern.

rainbow shawl 4 mic scaled

Rainbow shawl crochet pattern

The story of the rainbow shawl This rainbow shawl was born from darkness. There’s not much to say about the months I spent waiting to get this design from sample to finished pattern because I don’t remember much from them. I created this design to celebrate life, diversity, love, equality, love of life and love… Continue Reading…