Tunisian crochet blanket square – Asparagus stitch

Are you excited for a new Tunisian crochet blanket square? 

Today I have a new pattern for you, an exciting Tunisian crochet stitch combination that you can later on use in other projects as well. 

I called it the “Asparagus stitch” because of the beautiful little clusters of loops that show up on the fabric once you work up a few rows.

These clusters remind me of the tiny leaves on asparagus tips, the most delicious bit of the plant, in my opinion. 

I hope you will enjoy making it as much as I enjoyed coming up with this design!

2021 02 06 asparagus
Close-up of the Asparagus stitch in the very colorful yarn I chose for this blanket

A guest square in the Tunisian Sampler Blanket CAL

If you’re new to the Tunisian Sampler Blanket CAL, please start here, you’ll get all the information you need to start making this blanket, all while learning beautiful stitches in Tunisian crochet.

You fill find patterns for squares that grow in difficulty from very simple to more and more complex.

They will teach you a lot about stitch combinations, various ways in which you can work Tunisian crochet with a simple hook. 

Here are a few of my squares that I’ve made so far for my blanket, using a very colorful yarn.

The new Asparagus stitch square pattern

After making so many interesting squares in the crochet-along, it’s time to put your skills to the test with this new square. It’s not difficult, but it takes a bit of concentration.

Join the group for the CAL here, if you haven’t already, and participate in the fun.

You can even make up a little mantra to sing while making up this square. 

But be careful, the mantra changes every row for three rows, so you need to keep your attention on the hook. 

Ready? Let’s go!

Asparagus stitch square -Tunisian crochet in variegated yarn


  • Yarn – DK or worsted weight yarn, with about 200 meters per 100 grams, wool or acrylic – about 50-80 meters (55-87 yards) or about 30 grams/1 ounce for a square, depending on how big you want the square.
  • Hook – Tunisian crochet hook or long, straight hook that can hold 27 loops on it – 8 mm in thickness.
  • Others – Scissors and tapestry needle for binding off.


  • Skill level: intermediate.
  • To make this square, you’ll need to know how to make simple stitchespurl stitches and twisted knit stitches. All three stitches are demonstrated in the video.
  • Use loose tension when working this pattern. Do not pull tightly on the yarn after picking up the loops. Keep the loops slightly loose, so they can glide on the hook and the cable, if applicable.
  • In the foundation row, the last Tss counts as Ls.
  • Instructions in {curly brackets} will be repeated the number of times mentioned after the brackets.

Stitch abbreviations – right-handed

 For left-handed, mirror the instructions.

  • Ch – Chain;
  • Ls – Tunisian last stitch – put hook through the 2 vertical loops at the end of the row, YO and pull up a loop;
  • P – Tunisian purl stitch – bring yarn to the front of the hook, insert hook from right to left behind the next vertical bar and pull up a loop – the easiest way to do this is by first wrapping the yarn around the hook clockwise, then pulling this loop through;
  • R – regular Tunisian return: Ch1, repeat {YO and pull through 2 loops} until 1 loop left on hook;
  • Sl St – slip stitch;
  • St – stitch;
  • Tss – Tunisian simple stitch – insert hook from right to left behind the next vertical bar, YO and pull up a loop;
  • TwK – Tunisian twisted knit stitch – move the next vertical bar to the right of the vertical bar behind, insert hook between them, YO and pull up a loop
  • YO – yarn over.

How to make the Asparagus stitch square

Start with a slip knot on your hook.

Foundation row. Ch27. Pick up 27 loops on your hook, to make 26 Tss and a Ls, R

If you use other casting on methods, cast on 28 loops.

R1. Repeat {TwK, Tss, P} 8 times, TwK, Tss, Ls, R

R2. Repeat {Tss, P, TwK} 8 times, Tss, P, Ls, R

R3. Repeat {P, TwK, Tss,} 8 times, P, TwK, Ls, R

Repeat rows 1-3 8 more times or work until you have a square.8

asparagus stitch square 1

Right-handed video

Check out the right-handed video for the gauge sample here and learn how to use this pattern.

Left-handed video

Check out the left-handed video for the gauge sample here and learn how to use this pattern.

This pattern is part of the Home goods patterns collection. Check them out if you want to make more things for the home, using beautiful crochet patterns.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them below or write me an email. I’m always happy to help. 

I very much hope you’ll enjoy this pattern.



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