Tunisian Crochet Summit hosted by Sarah of Ned and Mimi

I’m happy to invite you to a unique event in the Tunisian crochet community, the Tunisian Crochet Summit hosted by Sarah of Ned and Mimi.

I’ll tell you more about the event and what my contribution as a participating designer is to this event and I hope to see you there.

What’s this Tunisian Crochet Summit about?

As the title says, this is a summit, an online meeting of people interested in one very beautiful craft that’s been gaining fans over the past few years, Tunisian crochet.

Text "Tunisian Crochet Summit Free Online Summit May 10 & 11 2024", 14 circles with portraits of designers, text "Join 14 experts over 2 days"

Whether you’re a complete beginner in Tunisian crochet, or you have many years of experience, I assure you that you will find something new and valuable to learn or try in this event.

The event is held over two days, May 10th and 11th 2024, in which you have access to classes prepared by 14 designers of Tunisian crochet patterns (myself included) and a host of live interviews, in which you can contribute questions.

How to participate

All you have to do is register on this page and show up on Friday and Saturday to watch the videos.

Each day will give you access to 7 video classes of varying length, between 15 and 30 minutes long, on a topic related to Tunisian crochet.

You can watch the videos at your own pace and rewatch them as many times as you need during the 24 hours they are up.

Tunisian crochet summit overview

During the same time, there will also be live Q&A (question and answer) sessions with many of the participating designers.

You can join these live to ask questions.

You can also share about this event in your social circles and invite your friends over for a little Tunisian crochet session among friends. I’d love to do that if I only had anyone nearby who does Tunisian crochet…

Early access – VIP Pass

If you want to get early access to all the content in the summit (minus the live sessions, which will be available after they happen), plus a guidebook and a bundle of patterns from all participating designers, you might want to buy the VIP Pass (affiliate link).

This gives you lifetime access to the content as well, so you can come back to these lessons at any time.

Tunisian crochet summit VIP Pass perks

Once you register for the event, you will be prompted to buy the VIP Pass and if you are thinking about it, it’s more economical for you to do it before the event starts, as the price will increase after the event happens.

With the VIP Pass, you can still participate like everyone else in the Summit, but you’ll have extra content that will help you follow along with the classes.

My contributions to the Summit

As a participating designer, I prepared a class that’s about shaping in Tunisian crochet projects.

Not just for garments, mind you, but for any kind of project you can imagine. There’s so much potential for shaping when you have the right tools.

I present multiple methods of adding shaping to Tunisian crochet fabrics and you might recognize many of these from my patterns.

Yarnandy Tunisian crochet shaping for perfect fit

The pattern that I contributed to the VIP bundle is one that uses several of these methods to create a beautiful shape that you can appreciate in many colors.

You’ll have to join the event to see which pattern this is.

In the live session I will talk about gauge and tension in Tunisian crochet, since it’s so crucial in creating projects that fit, and here of course I’m talking about garments.

Knowing how to create various shapes is just a stepping stone towards making garments that fit perfectly, and for that you need to master your tension.

I really hope to see you there live and I also hope this event will be fun and informative for you.

Lots of hugs,


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