Tunisian crochet face scrubbies – free scrubby pattern

Make some soft and pretty Tunisian crochet face scrubbies for loved ones and for friends using this step-by-step pattern with video. You can also use the circles made with this pattern for other applications, like a baby blanket.

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About this pattern for Tunisian crochet face scrubbies

There are lots of patterns for reusable face scrubbies or make-up wipes out there. But most of them are quite harsh on the skin because of the intrinsic nature of crochet. These Tunisian crochet face scrubbies are completely different. Try them out and compare the feel of these ones and regular crochet scrubbies.

All crocheters are familiar with the lack of drape in crochet fabric and with the stiffness that comes with crochet stitches. 

If you use puff stitches to counter this, you’ll still end up with problems, since puff stitches have loose loops that can be easily pulled while washing the scrubbies, which means that they won’t last very long.

I’ve compiled a board of crochet patterns for face scrubbies if you want to try out others as well, to compare them. Click on the photo or this link to go to the board.

Face scrubbies crochet patterns pinterest board

Knitting is known, on the other hand, for the smoothness of knit stitches. But knitting tiny circles in the round is not much fun, especially when you don’t know how to knit!

In comes Tunisian crochet to do away with all of that. These Tunisian crochet face scrubbies are easily worked in the round with an ordinary crochet hook.

The fabric comes out really soft, without sacrificing structure. In this case, Tunisian crochet is the best of both worlds.

Front view of a Tunisian crochet face scrubby versus a pile of similar scrubbies

Initially I was planning to make this pattern freely available as a blog post, but it has so many photos that I decided that it would be better to release it first as a PDF file in the shop and then maybe update this blog post with all of the details.

UPDATE: Please scroll on for the pattern for Tunisian crochet face scrubbies on this page, or get the PDF from the buttons below.

You can use the coupon codes in the description for each listing to get the pattern for whichever price you prefer (even free), so go ahead and get the pattern.

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Tunisian crochet face scrubbies step by step video

You can also follow along with the video tutorial, if you prefer it. Click on the thumbnail to go to YouTube and follow along with the tutorial.

Full instructions for the Tunisian crochet face scrubbies

Follow the instructions below to make your face scrubby. There are step-by-step photos for all the rows.

Materials needed to make these crochet face scrubbies

Tunisian crochet face scrubby notions


  • Ch – chain;
  • MR – magic ring;
  • R – return – used throughout this pattern for all rows where you have a stitch to anchor to: Sl St into the necessary stitch, repeat [YO and pull through 2 stitches on hook] until you are left with only one stitch;
  • Sc – single crochet;
  • Sl St – slip stitch;
  • SRR – short row return – used for short rows: repeat [YO and pull through 2 stitches on hook] until you are left with only one stitch;
  • Tss – Tunisian simple stitch – go behind the vertical post of the stitch, YO and pull up a loop.

Keep in mind while making these crochet face scrubbies

  • When making a Tss into a stitch that was the last stitch for a short row, you work into the stitch below the short row, not the last stitch of the short row.
  • If you need more detailed instructions, just watch the video embedded above.

Instructions for Tunisian crochet face scrubbies

To begin, make 8 Sc in MR, Sl St to first St. This will be the foundation for the Tunisian stitches.

You will work 4 rows into each Sc.

Foundation row. 8Sc in a magic ring

Tunisian crochet face scrubbies foundation row

Row 1. Ch 5, 5Tss to first Sc, R (7 loops)

Tunisian crochet face scrubbies first row complete

Row 2. 4Tss, SRR (5 loops)

Tunisian crochet face scrubbies second row completed

Row 3. 5Tss to first Sc, R (7 loops)

Tunisian crochet face scrubbies third row completed

Row 4. 4Tss, SRR (5 loops)

Tunisian crochet face scrubbies fourth row completed

Row 5. 5Tss to next Sc, R (7 loops)

Tunisian crochet face scrubbies fifth row completed

Row 6. 4Tss, SRR (5 loops)

Tunisian crochet face scrubbies sixth row completed

Row 7. 5Tss to the same Sc, R (7 loops)

Tunisian crochet face scrubbies seventh row completed

Row 8. 4Tss, SRR (5 loops)

Tunisian crochet face scrubbies eighth row completed

Repeat rows 5-8 6 more times, each time working into a new Sc from the foundation row.

When you finish the final R8 repeat, Sl St into the top of R1.

Seaming up the Tunisian crochet face scrubbies

Cut the yarn.

First close up the hole between the two sides by threading the beginning yarn tail through the needle and going up through the horizontal loops, starting on the right and alternating left and right, like in the photos below. Make sure you take up all the loops.

Tunisian crochet face scrubbies starting the seam
Use the tapestry needle and the yarn end in the middle to seam up the crochet face scrubby.
Tunisian crochet face scrubbies continuing the seam
Start on one side and go under the horizontal bar, then under the corresponding horizontal bar on the other side.

When you finish seaming up the hole, weave in both ends on the wrong side and snip the excess (you can make a knot here, as it will not be felt on the outside of the scrubby).

Make another piece, but do not cut the yarn when you finish the last repeat of row 8.

Tunisian crochet face scrubbies two pieces ready to be sewn together
Two sides of the scrubby completed and waiting to be seamed together.

Seam the hole as before, using the tail from the middle, and weave in the remaining tail.

To finish off the scrubby, face the two pieces with wrong sides together and make one Sl St in each pair of stitches, going through both pieces at the same time.

Tunisian crochet face scrubbies seaming two pieces
Seaming the side of the scrubby with the crochet hook.

When you return to the first St, cut off the yarn and finish with an invisible bind-off, like in the photos below. Weave in the last end and you are done!

Tunisian crochet face scrubbies invisible join
Use the needle to create a false stitch at the end of the seam.

Start from the back of the next stitch, go with the needle below the two loops to form one side of the false stitch top.

Tunisian crochet face scrubbies invisible join part 2
Finishing the false stitch.

Return to the original spot, going down towards the stitches, finishing the false stitch top.

Weave in the end and start using your Tunisian crochet face scrubbies for all that they are perfect for – washing your face, taking off makeup, massaging the face.

Final thoughts

Now the Tunisian crochet face scrubbies are ready and you can enjoy them to the max.

Make as many as you like and pack them up into a little present.

Use them as stocking stuffers for eco-conscious friends and family, as little gifts for coworkers or even as milk pads for new mommies.

They are soft enough even for the most sensitive skin.

After use, you can soak them up in a gentle detergent solution, rinse them out, let them dry and reuse. Or soak and put them in the wash with the rest of the laundry.

Since they are made of cotton, they should withstand really high temperatures, but check the recommended temperatures on the labels and do a bleed test before you mix these up with colored or whites.

If you like this Tunisian crochet pattern, please consider buying an inexpensive PDF copy from the product page in the shop.

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Once you make some of these scrubbies, you will find it very easy to follow along with the next few patterns that I’m planning on releasing.

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  1. I had a little trouble since you don’t say how many loops should be on my hook before i begin to go back toward the outside edge. Even running the video at slow speeds and counting didn’t help. I’ll get it though somehow. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Marie. I’ve updated the blog post with loop counts before the return pass for each row. You either have 7 or 5 loops on the hook, depending on which kind of row you’re on.


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