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Free crochet patterns on the Yarnandy blog

Explore the latest free patterns, both regular crochet and Tunisian crochet. Find your favorite project and get started!

Tunisian crochet fan? We’ve got you covered

Explore patterns and stitch tutorials in the articles dedicated to Tunisian crochet.

Crochet tips and tricks that will make your work so much easier

All your crochet questions answered. This is a growing resource, so if you have other issues that you’d like help with, let me know and they might become new articles that will help the whole community.

Get cozy in some delicious blankets

Try out some of these fabulous blanket and blanket block patterns that will envelop you in warmth or maybe make something for an upcoming baby in the family. Nothing says “I really care about you” as well as a lovingly crafted blanket.

If you’re a crochet designer, check these out

Learn how to make your workflow more efficient, so you have more time for creating and playing with yarn.

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